Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rants, Raves and Reviews: Home Based Business Ideas

As a relative newbie to the internet, I wasted a lot of time and money on rabbit trails.  One of the difficulties of making money online is the onslaught of so many distractions. How to find the best home based business was a puzzle. I found myself reading new emails (yes, I get a jillion a day) being intrigued by someones very well written pitches and before I knew I had another really great program to learn.   All this did was deplete my bank account along creating a lot of frustration.   I felt like the tar baby; just about the time I thought I had one program conquered, "splat" there was my hand stuck to the back of my head (metaphorically).  At any rate I am going to pass on my experiences with the areas of potential income in online home based business opportunities.

Review of Surveys
The first area I approached because of lack of money was free surveys.  At first glance it seemed to be a pretty good deal as many of them pay by clicking on their advertisers. The premise is that you accumulate income by visiting the sites they list and you will then get paid after reaching a certain minimum. 

I found that many of the surveys had very low payments for the visit.  I calculated the return on my time and I wouldn't even had made minimum wages.  There were some big ones where you could "win" Wii's, televisions, computers and other big ticket items.  Once won then you could sell them to earn your money.  These looked pretty good to me until I "read the fine print".  Each of them required either a purchase by you or someone you sent to the sites.  If the prize was valuable then you would need to send 8-13 or more people to buy from the sites.  There are even websites where people are willing to go to the survey for you for a fee so that you can complete the requirements of the surveys.  Obviously that could cost as much as the prize.  You could return the items or cancel the services but that didn't feel right to me.  So I decided not to make surveys my  online home based business model.  Below is a list of the companies that I dealt with in case you would like to explore this facet of making money online.,, ,, these are the ones I like the best and you can find many more by doing a search on the major engines.

I am going to conclude this post with a review and rave on a program I am using.

A candid Review of Blogging To The Bank 2010

By now I think every one in the world knows about blogs. What most folks don’t know is
there is a great stream of income to be made as well, publishing free blogs.

Rob Benwell is only a mere 24 years old and has already made several million dollars. Early in 2006 he shared his secrets with the world in his highly successful Blogging To The Bank ebook and has made making money online a whole lot easier for everyone.  Of course that's what we want in our 10 best home based businesses to do and  make money online.

Just over two years after the success of his first book and after over 20,000 copies sold  and then the  2007 2.0 update, he is now releasing his third version of Blogging to the Bank helping to sharpen our online skills  and keep the income stream rolling in.  

I got this book as soon as I could and it covers quite a lot of new information and techniques to adapt your blog to the new demands of the major search engines. Many of the techniques in the old book are now outdated and don’t work as well. This is why Blogging To The Bank 2010 is a welcome addition to our online arsenal. .

Rob  is just an average guy who wants to help the little guys out. I find this a nice change as he doesn’t talk “down” to us as many of the  "gurus" do.

He explains everything in a nice simple step by step manner so everyone can understand. Having said that, when he does “go off on a rabbit trail ” it may take a few reads to get it but when you do it’s just sheer genius. I would have preferred for some of the topics to have a bit more explanation but so many more went into great detail that it made up for the slight lack of information.
You also get his 5 Blogging Commandments For 2010 that if you follow it will permit your blogs the greatest success and keep them future proofed. Without a doubt these commandments should be printed out and become a standard for the online marketer!

His book starts off with market research (so that you are making the most of your time), and continues  all the way to building your blogging empire.

Everything is covered in this new version that helps bloggers with todays online issues, putting the almighty
search engines on cloud nine.

Final Verdict: If you are out there in the blogging world and want to make money the straightforward way then I highly recommend  Blogging To The Bank 2010.
Why work harder, work smarter by using Blogging to the Bank 2010 with  all the new techniques ready for you to simply put into practice.

This concludes my posting for today and I will return in a day or two with further Rants, Raves and Reviews.